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Get the most out of your company finances with the support of CH Accountancy

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Automation doesn’t mean an end to personalised, human advice.

The CH Accountancy team have many support resources available to you, as well as offering advice on how to make your accounting and bookkeeping simpler using Xero.

CH Accountancy Workshops
CH Accountancy has launched a series of workshops for self-employed business owners, these include beginner and intermediate level Xero workshops to help you start and grow your business using Xero cloud-based accounting software.
CH Accountancy Xero Tutorials
CH Accountancy have gathered together a library of links to all the best Xero tutorials to share with you; from getting started to integrating add-on apps, you’ll soon be an expert.
CH Accountancy Xero Facebook Group
We have a dedicated Facebook group which you are welcome to join and where you can ask for support from our expert team as well as from other CH Accountancy Xero users.
CH Accountancy Free E-Book
All our new clients are offered our free e-Book available on iTunes and Amazon worth £3.99.
CH Accountancy Advice
If you need tailored advice that can’t be covered by the workshops, Xero Facebook Group or Xero tutorial group, CH Accountancy team offer a personalised service and can answer your queries by email or phone.

Why our clients enjoy working with us

I have used CH Accountancy for 3 years now and I have to say Cheryl is fantastic. I have no accountancy knowledge and she has made it easy and smooth. Cheryl also offers excellent advice and is always at the end of the phone or email when I need help. Thank you Cheryl!!

Adrian Baker, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Thame

Adrian Baker, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Thame