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What Expenses Can I Claim? (Employee)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
What Expenses Can I Claim? (Employee)

What Expenses Can I Claim?


As an employee you are also entitled to claim back business expenses from your employer.  If your employer does not pay back these expenses, you can claim tax relief on most expenses you incurr directly from HMRC using this form.

Home Broadband 

If you have a separate broadband contract for your business then the whole cost will be an allowable expense.  However if you use your home broadband for both business and personal then you can only claim for the business use percentage.

Business Use of Home

If you work from home you can claim a proportion of your electric, gas, water, council tax, insurance and mortgage interest or rent.  If you are lucky enough to have a cleaner you can also claim the business proportion of their costs.  The amount to claim is based on the amount of rooms in your house used for business purposes and the amount of time working from home.


Your company can provide childcare facilities or fund your childcare up to £55 per week, £243 per month, as long as the provider is Ofsted registered and your company registered for their scheme before April 2016.

Food & Drink

You are able to claim for food and drink when you are travelling for work, or for when you are staying away from home overnight for business purposes.  


If you use your own car or bicycle for business journeys then you can claim mileage, which covers the cost of fuel, running costs, and wear and tear.  Business journeys include any trips for soleley business purposes - seeing a customer or supplier, deliveries, going to meetings, going to the bank etc.  You must keep a mileage log (have a look at handy app Trip Catcher), and the rates are shown below.  If your employer pays less that the approved mileage rates you can claim the difference via your tax return or the HMRC claim form.

Mileage Rates

Parking Fines & Speeding Tickets

These are not allowable expenses, even if the fines were incurred during a business journey.  Fines for unpaid Dart Charges or Congestion Charges are not allowable either.  Any admin fees relating to these fines are not allowable either.

Pension Contributions

If you pay into a workplace pension you should get tax relief at source.

Postage & Courier Costs

You can claim any postage or courier costs as part of your work as an expense.  This includes posting paperwork to customers and suppliers, delivering goods, etc.

Professional Subscriptions

You can claim subscriptions to professional bodies as an expense, as long as the money is paid directly from your employer to the body, and it is listed on HMRC's list.  If you pay the fees yourself you can claim tax relief via the HMRC claim form.


Any stationery you buy for work can be claimed as an expense.  This includes business cards, letterheads, pens, paper, printer ink, notebooks, files, folders etc.  

Telephone (Landlines & Mobiles)

If you have a separate contract for business only then the whole cost of the contract (line rental & calls) can be claimed as an expense.  However if you use your home phone or personal mobile for business use then only the business percentage can be claimed for.  If your employer supplies you with a mobile phone this will not attract a separate taxable benefit.


If the main purpose of your travel is for business purposes, and you can separate any personal costs, then you can claim the cost of your travel, including flighs, train tickets, tolls, parking costs and hotel/accommodation.

If you have any questions or require further clarification on any of the expenses you can or can't claim then please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can also supply mileage logs and assist with making HMRC claims upon request.