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Self Employed Tax Return Check List

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Self Employed Tax Return Check List

What information do I need for my tax return?

Here is our handy Tax Return Checklist

To complete your tax return you will need the following information:

  • NI Number
  • UTR
  • If completing yourself – your Gateway User ID & password (ensure you have this and are able to log in ok in plenty of time – forgetting your password/needing to register/any log in issues are not reasonable excuses for filing late – you will get fined!
  • Tax Code Notification – especially if you have a non standard tax code (1150L for 17/18)
  • Employment Income & BenefitsP60 (this is required to be sent to you by 31st May following the end of the tax year by law)/P45 (this will be given to you when you leave an employment)/P11d (your benefits statement, this is required to be sent to you by 6th July following the end of the tax year)
  • Redundancy Payments
  • Self Employment Income and Expenses details
  • CIS Deduction Statements
  • Dividend Statements
  • Pensions (received – usually in the form of a P60 and details of payments into a private pension (ie not through employment payroll)
  • Bank/Savings Interest (Annual Tax Certificate(s) from your bank/building society – this does not include ISA’s)
  • UK Property Income & Expenses
  • Details of any Foreign Income
  • Capital Gains and/or Losses
  • Charity Donations (that you make)
  • Child Benefits details (if you or your partner earn over £50,000 per year)

Remember, all tax returns for the 17/18 tax year are due to be filed by 31st January 2019.  You can file at any time up until this date, and you can still wait until nearer the time to make payment of any tax due.

If you are unsure on the expenses you can and can’t include for your self employment please download our FREE Handy Expenses Guide.

CH Accountancy are able to assist with preparing your tax return, and take all of the stress away from you.  Contact us today for a quotation.

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