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CHA Recommends - GoCardless

Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Cheryl Price
CHA Recommends - GoCardless

At CHA we are a big fan of GoCardless and use this for all of our invoices to clients. 

GoCardless lets you take control of your payments, meaning your invoices are paid on time via Direct Debit. You are able to collect one off payments, as well as regular payments from your clients, and therefore you’ll be able to keep on top of payments as you know exactly when your invoices will be paid, ensuring a good cash flow.  

Xero syncs with GoCardless to make your life easier – just send your invoice to your client and GoCardless does the rest – it will even mark the invoice as paid and take care of the fees.  

For us GoCardless is a no brainer – it’s set up in minutes and saves hours of chasing payments.



Click here to get GoCardless set up for your business - or drop us an email today on