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Case Study Joanna Hunt, DoTerra Oils

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Case Study Joanna Hunt, DoTerra Oils

When I first met Jo she was using spreadsheets to try and keep a record of her incomings and outgoings each year, and had a box full of receipts. Each year it was a big effort to get the required information over to her previous accountant for them to prepare her tax return. To say Jo was fed up was an understatement!

Receipt Bank Elimnates Lost Receipts

We looked to get Jo set up on 1Tap from Receipt Bank so she could easily keep track of all her expenses and get rid of all the receipts cluttering up her home. At first Jo was dreading the element of change, as it’s hard sometimes to get your head around new things when you’re so busy. However, this tiny change has made a huge different to her account procedure.

She now simply takes a picture of each of her receipts using the 1Tap app and can throw the original receipt away. No more worrying about lost receipts as she is able to take a picture as soon as she gets the receipt. And no more cluttering up her house with tons of receipts.

Time and Effort Saved

Jo couldn’t be happier – in her own words: ‘Oh, my goodness I can’t begin to tell you how much time and effort using 1TAP for my business has saved me – so easy for everyone to use, a few clicks and it’s all done, it really couldn’t be easier.’