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So what is Xero?

Why We Love Xero?

These 15 impressive features explain why Xero is CH Accountancy’s favourite accounting software, read on to understand why it could be yours too!

  1. Runs in the cloud
    This means that Xero is always available any time of day so you can use anytime anywhere, you can also access across every device you own. There is no software to install meaning you always access the updated version. Your Xero account is automatically backed up to the main Xero servers, so you can be rest assured that you will not lose data if your laptop has a malfunction!
  2. Simple – it just works!
    It’s intuitive, and easy to work with - saving you time, money and stress!
  3. Bank integration
    Smooth integration with your bank seamlessly pulls your transactions straight through to Xero, making easy reconciliation of all transactions and statements. You can also set up ‘rules’ for regular payments to optimise automation.
  4. Mobile app
    Xero’s mobile app works on Apple and Android devicess giving you the flexibility to work on the go. Simply take pictures of receipts, (no fear of you losing them), upload expense claims and raise invoices in real time.
  5. Scan and upload bills
    Just imagine - no more envelopes stuffed full of receipts that you will one day get around to inputting, and when you do, you can’t even remember where they were from! On the spot scanning and uploading receipts and bills saves you so much time, procrastination and emotion!
  6. Unlimited users
    Do you have a team? Does more than one member of your team need access to your accounting software? With Xero’s unlimited user policy multiple users can work at the same time. Team tiered access mean you are rest assured any sensitive data is secure at all times.
  7. Online invoices & payments
    Simply email invoices direct to customers at a click of a button. Adding Paypal, Go Cardless or Stripe payment services makes it easy for your clients to pay you. Assisting with that little thing called cash flow.
  8. Auto reminders
    Constantly chasing debtors and late payers? Xero automatically emails overdue invoices and requests payment so you don’t have to. Another time saving hack.
  9. Connect to apps
    Apps are available for Point Of Sale, inventory, CRM, time tracking and many more. Over 500 time saving apps to suit specifically your industry and business to document, automate and centralise.
  10. Expense claim facility for employees
    No more paper expense claims cluttering your desk. Your team can upload their expenses and you get to approve at a click of a button. Hey presto.
  11. Bank level security – 2 step authorization
    This provides you with an additional layer of security. It significantly reduces the risk of someone gaining access to your account if they have managed to obtain your login and password through a phishing attack or malware.
  12. Collaborate in real time with me, your Xero Certified Accountant
    As Xero is Cheryl’s accountancy package of choice, she understands it, know it inside out and it integrates with her systems. That way if you have any questions or need assistance she can log into your Xero account and help out virtually without delay.
  13. Bookkeeping and payroll in one solution
    Xero eliminates the need for another payroll system. No cross checking across platforms. No clunkiness or god forbid paying staff members late. Again saving you time and money and face!
  14. Quoting and invoices
    Let Xero help you eliminate the need for thousands of emails back and forth. Simply prepare and send quotes via Xero and then convert approved or amended quotes into to invoices. No duplication of quoting and invoicing.
  15. Dashboard clarity
    Xero’s dashboard provides you with a clear overview of your finances - see your bank balances, invoices, bills & expenses at a glance.

We forgot there should be 16 points!

It’s SUCH good value – FROM only £10 a month (plus VAT) depending on your needs … and you get the first month free … take a look

CH Accountancy and Xero Accountingxerxer

Xero Onboarding

Set up your business on XeroAnother great feature are the many easy to follow and understand onboarding videos, tutorials, and more. From a quick introduction, setting up your business from scratch, through bookkeeping, essential features and getting everything set up there is a tutorial to help you in your own time and at your own pace.


Receipt Bank

Receipt BankWe are Receipt Bank partners. Receipt Bank extracts the information from your receipts and invoices it integrates with Xero and makes our client’s lives even easier!

Time Saving Apps

Some of our favourite apps are as follows:

Go CardlessPaypalTripcatcher





Dear inventory

Mobile app

Xero has a handy mobile app for IOS and Android devices. It's a great way for small business owners who are always on the move to manage their finances. Bank reconciliation, checking account balances, online invoicing and expense management can all be done at the touch of a button -- anywhere, anytime.


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Are you already using another accounting software system but Xero sounds so much more intuitive and will save you time and money?

Don’t worry. It’s so simple to convert and transfer your data from your current and previous year’s accounts from Sage or Quick Books using ‘Move my Books’ insert? and guess what? It’s FREE to transfer – quick and painless! We can manage the transfer for you.

Ok – if you like what you see and think that Xero can save you time and money in your business, to free you up to focus on your dreams and goals these are the next steps that you need to take …

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CH Accountancy Workshops

Would you like me to show you a Xero Demonstration on Skype?

I can show you how Xero can be best tailor made for the needs of your business.

If yes, then please email us today on and we will contact you to arrange the best time and date to connect. 

CH Accountancy also offers beginners and advanced Xero workshops

Interactive workshops of no more than 8 people.
Please see details of current and future workshops here.