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Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services



Annual Financial Accounts (Statutory Accounts) - Starting from £495 per year

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CH Accountancy can make completing your accounts as painless and simple as possible. We ensure that deadlines are met and that you are aware of any tax liabilities at the earliest opportunity. We also provide you with a full profit and loss statement, balance sheet and supporting notes.

We take the time to explain your accounts to you so that you understand what is going on financially within your business, helping you to plan for the future and helping you set short-term objectives and your long-term goals.

Bookkeeping - Starting from £25 an hour

Accurate and up to date bookkeeping and cash flow are crucial for SMEs. Many businesses do this work themselves but often it is more sensible and time efficient to use the services of a bookkeeper, allowing you to get on with the important job of running and growing your business without paying for an extra member of staff.

CH Accountancy can assist with monthly or quarterly bookkeeping to ensure healthy cash flow. Just send us your records and we will do the rest.

Company Secretarial - Included FREE within our packages

Complying with all Companies House requirements can be time-consuming and complex. We can help you to ease that burden through:

  • Online filing annual returns
  • Appointment of Director(s)
  • Share Capital
  • Filing of annual statutory financial accounts
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Preparation of minutes, resolutions and dividend vouchers

Payroll - Starting from £35 per month

We are able to cover all aspects of payroll including PAYE & NICs, expenses, RTI returns to HMRC on your behalf, Directors NICs, student loan payments, employee benefits, pensions, SSP, SMP, SAP, and holiday entitlement. We can run monthly payroll including payslips, starter and leaver forms, monthly RTI procedures and end of year procedures, including filing to HMRC on your behalf and preparing the required forms for employees.If you run a business and employ staff you will need to complete payroll procedures and returns to HMRC. You will never have to worry about calculating statutory sick pay or maternity pay and dealing with student loan deductions ever again!


Personal Tax/Self-Assessment - Starting from £145 per year

No one likes completing a tax return or self-assessment as it is often daunting and highly confusing. CH Accountancy can take away the stress by completing all necessary tax computations for you. We can calculate your tax liability and advise you on when and how much tax you need to pay. We can also ensure that you are maximising your taxable allowances and using them effectively.

Listen to CH Accountancy PodcastListen to my podcast on Mum to Millionaire about completing your tax returns.

If you are happy to complete your own personal tax return or self-assessment, then we can offer a checking service to help you ensure these are managed and declared properly. Any income from employment, self-employment, savings and investments all need to be declared.

Business Tax/Corporation Tax - Included as part of the Annual Financial Accounts

Alongside completing the company accounts we can complete your company tax return, tax computations, calculate your tax liability and advise you on when and how much tax you need to pay. CH Accountancy will then submit this to HMRC on your behalf.

VAT - Starting from £200 per quarter

CH Accountancy find the pig

VAT is a complex regime of regulations that puts a tremendous administrative burden on businesses. Once your turnover is more than £82,000 per annum you will need to become VAT registered. You are able to register on a voluntary basis under this threshold. We can help to keep your VAT affairs in order, make sure you are collecting the right amounts for each transaction and ensure that you make payments and file returns correctly and on time, avoiding penalties.

Business Start Up/Company Formation - Starting from £100

Setting up a new business can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially if you have no previous accounts experience.

We are able to help you decide which structure you require for your business whether you need to set up as a Sole Trader/Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Company and assist with registering with Companies House and HMRC as required. We can also start you off by setting up your bookkeeping, payroll and VAT as required and either carryout these services for you or assist you in completing them yourself.

Xero Software Training - Starting from £20 per hour

We can offer you initial and ongoing training in  Xero software packages so that you can effectively take over your own accounting thus saving you even more money. This way you can take control of your bookkeeping and full accounts knowing you have our continued support should you need it.

Limited Company Packages - Starting from £125 per month

Accountancy Package PrincessAccountancy Package BluebirdAccountancy Package RainbowAccountancy Package UnicornAccountancy Package Queen


Case Study – Naomi PittRoche, Premier Crew & Hospitality Ltd, Barnston, Dunmow

When I first met Naomi her previous accountant had gone AWOL and she and her colleagues were muddling through the accounts whilst trying to keep on top of a thriving business.

Although all the bills were paid, the paperwork was a mess; some purchase invoices had been entered onto her bookkeeping software but in the incorrect place and others just didn’t seem to be on the system at all. Her previous accountant had not filed the returns as promised so she had received fines from HMRC regarding VAT and Payroll. Naturally, Naomi was rather stressed and need help so this didn’t happen again.

I visited her office and got all the accounts paperwork organised for her. Going through her bank statements and reconciling each transaction we were able to work out what was what. I also spoke to HMRC on her behalf to address the problems with VAT and Payroll – it turned out a few submissions had not gone through properly. I corrected these errors, sent the amended submissions as required, and sorted out all the issues with HMRC without issue.


From then, I took over the day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and VAT preparations and submissions. All her books are now up to date and each submission is filed each month/quarter on time. Naomi is now able to relax in the knowledge her books, payroll and VAT are all looked after, are organised, and she will never be late making a submission again, nor receive another fine. Her books are all ready for end of year account preparations, which I am also now able to prepare in plenty of time, again alleviating stress with leaving everything to the last minute and filing just before the deadline. I think it is fair to say she is now extremely happy and completely stress free when it comes to her accounts!

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