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The when, how and why of branding…

By Lisa Chambers, Design ChambersLisa Chambers

When you start your business you often do just start. In a bedroom, after work, on the weekend, around childcare, with one client. Then it grows, and before you know it you have a real life business. One with clients or customers and distribution channels, everything. Somehow you have a brand.  But you never branded. So where do you start, is it too late to start and does it even matter? 

Where do you start?

I recently read an article in FSB magazine ‘first voice’ about branding, it started with Jeff Bezos’ (founder of Amazon) opinion of branding.  He stated that your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.  

This thought gives you a brilliant place to start.  Having already started trading you have people who have opinions. Take time to think about what you want your business to achieve and where you want it to go. Identify your business aims and goals. With those in mind speak to the people who interact with your business. Try and find out what they say when you are not ‘in the room’. Find out of they come to you for the reasons you want them to.  If there is a correlation, great, you can now brand with that target audience in mind. If there are discrepancies you may need to re-think, do you have the wrong clients or do you want the wrong business?

Is it too late to start?

Never. Everyone has to start somewhere. You may have started simply by writing your name and number on a scrap of paper. From there you built reputation and image. This could form the start of your brand. After all your brand is your promise to your clients. 

Does it matter?

Let’s be honest. Not many of us have completely unique businesses offering something that no one else does. The thing which makes brands unique is the people within them, the service they provide and the way they portray themselves. You need a way to shout about this uniqueness and branding is the way to do it.  When people see your logo they know what to expect. They know what your brand offers.

So what is brand? 

Brand is all of the above encompassed visually with colour, typeface, logo, order, tone of voice and more…

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Lisa Chambers is the co-owner of branding agency Design Chambers which she runs alongside her husband Richard. Lisa has two gorgeous baby boys and two fur babies. She speaks Spanish and loves the seaside.

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