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The importance of being printed

By Emma Cox

You’ve done it! Whether it’s a new business or a rebrand; you’ve got it all under control.Emma Cox

Company name and legalities – check!

Company branding – check!

Website – check!

Is this when you say you are ‘good to go’ and then find out at the last minute you need some business cards, so order hurriedly online?

This is crazy! You have put so much thought, time and effort into getting your business to represent you and this wonderful online presence could quite easily lose impact when you do not apply the same care and thought process into any finished printed item; even one as small as business card.  It’s the impact that’s big.

It’s well known how important first impressions are and print is often used to make those first impressions lasting ones. We are truly spoilt for choice today with the finishing options and a huge variety of stocks available to us.

At this point it’s usually a good time to get some advice, either from your designer/branding agency or a trusted print supplier and this advice should always be free!

Colours may not always transfer the way you expect onto different substrates; for example most business cards are matt laminated for durability so this may darken the colour slightly, even if printed on the same press it will differ from the letterheads with exactly the same artwork as one is board and one is paper stock. There are certain colours that transfer across better than others.

It is important to have an idea of just what your logo and branding may be printed on in the future even for a new business - will you eventually have a company vehicle? Clothing? Promotional items? Just some food for thought to help manage expectations.

The same applies to brochures/flyers/manuals etc., may be as your company evolves, so will your services and products, so initially a brochure may not be the best option but a folder with inserts is scalable to suit. If budget is tight perhaps you can find another company trying to reach the same audience and work on a joint print project?

Lastly please do not forget to be creative with it! Usually you will find the most cost effective options are standard sizes, but it may be that as long as you work within that flat size your printer will be able to offer some options like rounded corners, spot varnishing, bespoke shapes - so have fun with it and make it stand out. If you are unsure then just ask your printer.

I can promise you that if you invest the same energy and passion you have for your business into the final printed material, you will never tire of the compliments and you and your business will be remembered for all the right reasons.  

Emma Cox, Denovo Print

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