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Goodbye Annual Return, Hello Confirmation Statement

Previously every limited company was required to file an annual return on the anniversary on the incorporation date, which confirmed the shareholdings, registered address, and other important company information.

Earlier this year Companies House introduced the Confirmation Statement, which replaces the annual return.  It is still due to be filed on the anniversary of the incorporation date each year, and is now due within 14 days of the statement date.  As well as confirming all of the information previously covered by the annual return, you now also provide information of your PSC - people with significant control.

What or who is a PSC?

A PSC can be an individual or a company/trust.  Most likely a PSC is someone who holds more than 25% of the shares in your company, holds more than 25% of voting rights (usually you will have voting rights equal to the number of shares you own - so if you own 25% of the shares, you will hold 25% of voting rights) in your company and holds the right to appoint or remove the majority of directors.

There are a couple of other condtions, but these are less likely and usually found in larger organisations.

For more information on PCS please visit Companies House.

What do I need to do?

Companies House will notify you when you need to complete your confirmation statement by post - or you can register for email reminders within their WebFiling service.  CHA clients will also be notified by ourselves when your confirmation statement is due.  You can also find out your statement date, and all the other information held about your company, by looking up your company on the Companies House website.

To complete the statement you need to:

  • check the information Companies House hold for your registered address, directors and location of registers
  • check and if necessary update your shareholder information, statement of capital and your standard industry classification (SIC code)
  • check and confirm your record is up to date
  • for your first statement provide your PSC, subsequent returns you just need to check this
  • pay the fee - £13 to file online or £40 on paper

If you are a CHA package client filing the statement will be part of our servie that we provide so we will file the statement on your behalf.

Filing Online

You will need your Companies House authentication code to file your statement online - please allow up to 5 working days for the code to be posted to your registered address if you don't have the code with your records.

Filing online will be quicker and cheaper, reduces the chances of rejection, submits your information securely and you will automatically receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

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