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Are you your brand?

By Emma Gatt, Bronzed & Beautiful Beauty Salon

As a Beauty salon owner and Therapist it is key that I represent my Brand to the highest expectations. You wouldn't wantEmma Gatt somone unkept doing your treatments if they visibly can't do what they offer at a standard level to themselves let alone you!  

I often have clients choose the same colour nail polish or ask me how I keep so skin so clear, which I only take as a huge compliment. I like to work closely and honestly with our clients. In this industry I have found that tailor made treatments and packages keeps them coming back. 

Can you go above and beyond your competitors?

I will always work with my clients, open early, stay late. They are paying our wages and if shown to go that extra mile they are more likely to stay loyal and recommend.

For more information about the salon or to make a booking please contact Emma on 01376 344225, email or visit their Facebook page. 

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