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People set up their own business for many reasons. Maybe your children are now at school full time? You want to supplement your part time income? Or simply you were fed up building someone else’s empire!

Time and money are the 2 main motivating factors in life. We want more of both. The recent rise over the past few years in self-employment has been born of us literally seeking freedom with our finances and time to provide more life choices.

It’s exciting setting up a new business, there are lots of decisions to be made, whether you are choosing new premises, creating a website, designing a brand etc etc.

However, self-employment can also be scary. How do you go about registering your business? Submitting your tax return? Monitoring your income and expenses? When do you become VAT registered? There are many financial aspects related to running a business which you need to be au-fait with to ensure you comply on an official and legal basis.

In the early days your business will take time and investment to build, and it is common to not see a return on this investment for a few years. Regardless, you still need to be registered and log your tax returns.

AND this is where I want to help you! Granted the financial side can be a mine field but guided in the right way it’s straightforward to navigate.

As a Mum of 2 boys I set up my own business with the intention of working it around my children. I am passionate about showing other Mums how to do the same minus the stress and red tape. Because I understand you and your stresses and struggles my aim is to support your whole business – not just your accounts.

I created my ‘Handy business start-up guide’ which covers the basics accounting practices required to run your business and to keep the tax man happy. My mission when writing this book was KIS – keep it simple! Its jam-packed of bite size chunks of easy to digest material which will help you to focus clearly on what needs to be done. There are lots of helpful and relevant links in the right places guiding you to my website and helpful external sites, and is full of useful top tips to get you focused and keep you on track when managing your business and its money.

First ebook pageIn my handy business start-up guide, I’ve included:

  • The options for your business format - Sole Trader & Partnerships Vs Limited Companies & LLPs
    Which structure should you use when setting up your business?
  • How to set up your business
    Checking potential company name Registering your company
    Business bank accounts
  • The requirements for each business types including …
    Corporation Tax return
    Annual return
  • What needs to be done on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis including …
    Your accounts
    Bookkeeping and using cloud accounting
    Expenses – what is a tax deductable expense?
    Filing your tax return
  • Guiding you through paying yourself and others
    Employment allowance
    DividendsDirector loan accounts
  • VAT
    Thresholds and registering
  • CIS
    Instruction rules and regulations
  • Auto enrolment & pensions
  • Insurance
    Public liability and employers liability
  • Getting a mortgage  - What changes?
  • Working with and choosing accountants & bookkeepers.

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What our clients are saying about our new ebook- Sara Erasmus, Business Sense HR Ltd

“I had the privilege of reading this book right at the start of my venture into setting up my own business and what a valuable guide it is! For me, understanding the registration and tax side of setting up a business was the most daunting but, having read the guide, I now feel a lot more comfortable that I am on the right path. Cheryl has been an absolute gem and has done all of the work for me (my choice as I wanted to concentrate on developing my business – and sales/income – rather than spend hours doing admin).

There are plenty of ‘Start your own business’ books on Amazon and the like – believe me, I’ve bought 3 of them! I can quite honestly say that this Start-up ebook has been the most used (in case you’re wondering, after initial ‘flick throughs’, the other books are gathering dust somewhere).

I would absolutely recommend this book and, if you’re wanting lots of detailed information, and then provides links to all the important sites."

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The advice within this ebook is generalized. Please seek an accountant for specialist advice relating to you and your business.

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